The Techy Future of Hotels: Technology Guests Won't Be Able to Live Without in 2020

Streamlined, helpful, personalized. Guests already expect these attributes from the hospitality industry in 2018. But looking forward, what will guests want as technology continues to improve and become more integrated into all of our lives?

Smart Contact

Many people incorporate artificial intelligence into their lives through Siri, mobile check depositing, email spam filters, and more. But AI can still come off as impersonal because it lacks the human component that’s essential in a people-focused hospitality industry.


But as artificial intelligence and machine learning get smarter and more personal, so do the ways we use it. For example, chatbots can supply fast booking assistance, save user preferences, offer recommendations, and more.

By using AI, brands can provide smart solutions for guests from their very first contact. These uses of artificial intelligence bring back the personal touch guests expect and set the stage for even better personalization going forward.


Smart Rooms

The Internet of Things is making big waves in the hotel industry. Forbes describes the IoT as “the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other).”

For hotels, this means allowing guests to control the temperature, ask for information from voice-activated assistants, and connect to the hotel in other ways using their smartphone app, giving guests control and individualized design.



Smart Stay

One-size-fits-all stays don’t work anymore for travelers who want unique, authentic experiences. That’s why hotel brands are implementing augmented and virtual reality to their stays, creating a beautiful blend of technology and experience.

Brands use augmented reality to enhance their guests’ stay. For example, some use AR to allow non-native guests to view menus in their own languages, to enhance maps with special points of interest, or even to decorate their rooms with their own virtual style.

Looking Ahead

Moving into the ‘20s for the hotel industry looks smarter, from first contact to on-site experiences, thanks to these new technologies guests won’t be able to get enough of.